To help us serve you better, when you report an issue do your best to describe how we can re-create what happened:

  • List the steps in order which resulted in the issue occuring
  • Explain what went wrong in detail, especially what you expected to see versus what you actually saw
  • Any extra information you include may be of help - too much is preferred versus too little
  • Error codes that are cryptic, random-looking number and letter combinations are important to report when they occur
  • Screenshots are an excellent way to communicate what the issue is and can speed resolution. A helpful guide for obtaining screenshots is at

Getting Started

Getting started with SmartSwipe is easy - follow these four simple steps, and you will be on your way to secure online shopping.

  1. Download and install SmartSwipe software then restart your computer, plug in the card-reading device, and start shopping!
  2. Click the SmartSwipe button when a web page asks for your credit card number.
  3. Swipe your credit card and confirm your credit card details
  4. Complete the transaction - check that SmartSwipe has placed the right information in the right boxes on the payment page, then submit your information.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Common Warning Messages - Check These Before Contacting Support

  • Security Issue DetectedThere are several possible reasons that you may receive this warning message reporting that there is a problem with a web site's security certificate. Before you contact technical support with the problem, please check for these two very common causes that are very easy to fix.

    Make sure that the date on your computer is set correctly. When you click on the time in the bottom right corner of your screen, do you see the correct date in the box that appears? (See image below.) Your computer will check the date of the site's security certificate and compare it to the date that is set on your computer. If they don't match, then you will get a message informing you of a problem with the site's security certificate. If your date is not set correctly, you can eliminate this warning message simply by setting your clock to the correct date.
    Make sure that you have typed in the correct website address. For example, there may be a difference between typing in and

    If neither of these explains why you received the warning message, and you received it on a website that you trust, please contact us for assistance using the form in the top right.
  • This Is Not A Secure Page Warning DialogSmartSwipe analyzes every webpage that it comes across. If it detects a security flaw (eg - a problem with certificates, or something else that a hacker could exploit to steal that site's communications), it will automatically disable itself. This message may also come up if you attempt to activate SmartSwipe on a web page that is not a payment page.

    We strongly encourage you not to complete a transaction on this website. If you believe that this site is secure, please contact us for assistance using the form in the top right.
  • Phishing Site'Phishing' refers to the fraudulent activity of attempting to steal credit card numbers, banking information, user names, passwords, or other personal information through impersonating a trusted website or financial institution. Phishing sites are designed to look exactly like a legitimate site and many have URLs that are incredibly close to the legitimate site's URL. Because of this, they are capable of tricking even the most careful users. Phishing also frequently involves emails that use phrases like, "verify your account details", or emotionally sensitive requests like "restore access to your bank account". These emails often contain either a link to a website, or a phone number to call (phone phishing).

    When you receive this message, we strongly encourage you not to enter any personal information on the website. If you receive this warning from a website that you trust, please contact us so that one of our security specialists can review the website to determine whether it is actually a phishing site. There is no charge to this service and we will inform you how to proceed. Be vigilant when you receive an email asking for your personal information. Do not click on any links in that eMail and call the official phone number for that organization to make sure that the email is legitimate and not a phishing attempt.

    For more information, consult Wikipedia's excellent article on phishing.

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