The Smarter, Secure Way To Shop Online


SmartSwipe is the new, smarter, more secure way to shop online. The SmartSwipe by NetSecure Technologies is the world's first truly secure personal credit card reader. When you install SmartSwipe, you can swipe your credit card at your home or office computer just like you would in a store. Plug the SmartSwipe into your computer's USB port, go shopping to your favourite online stores and swipe your credit card – it is that easy. The best part is that you know your credit card information is safe and secure. SmartSwipe cures the underlying problem, not just the symptoms.


Plug and Play Installation with Automatic Updates. Our software works within existing browser security for ease of use.


Never manually enter in your credit card information again. Just Swipe and SmartSwipe will do the rest for you.


Your credit card information is protected as you swipe your card through the device, before entering the computer.

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